Cadence spb 16.5


In this class, you will explore all new functionalities from SPB 15.7 to SPB 16.5. Design Entry HDL and Allegro® PCB Editor Tool had extensive changes in the SPB16.X release. These main areas are new spacing and physical constraint management, new interactive HDI process, new Graphical User Interface. The class will use both lectures and hands-on examples using the SPB16.3 software. Audience This class is designed for PCB Designers and Electrical Engineers who are current users of the Allegro PCB 15.X Editor tool. You must have a good working knowledge of the current use model in order to obtain the most from this class. Software o PS3000: Allegro_PCB_Design L o PS3100: Performance Option Prerequisites o This class is designed ONLY to update your knowledge base to the current SPB16.3 software. It does not teach you the basic use of the tool. Course Agenda What's New in Design Entry HDL (ConceptHDL): o Operating System Supported o User Interface Updates o Displaying Sheet Names in the Hierarchy Viewer o Enhancements in the Design Publisher Solution ,Publish PDF Utility o Page Name in tab views and exported to the PDF output o New Physical and Spacing Classes in Constraint Manager o New menu to Assigning Signal Models to All the Discrete Components o New RF-PCB IFF Import o New Locking CPM Directives o New Cadence Documentation o Automatic Table of Contents Generator o Cross Referencer Links o Windows Mode o Docking Properties Window o Unconnected Pins Indicator o Physical and Spacing Constraints In the Schematic o Allegro Design Publisher on Linux o Font Support o Usability o Alignment and Distribution o Anchor Point Wire Stretch o Differential Pair Renaming o Signal Integrity Model Changes What's New in Allegro PCB Editor: o New PCB Editor User Interface "change to OpenGL" o New Fold-Away Windows o New Context-sensitive Editing o New General and EtchEdit Application Mode o New Color and Visibility Interface o New Central Location for Design Parameters o New Transparent Graphics objects and boundaries o New Quick Access to Commonly Used Subclasses o New Ratsnest Display by Layer o New Methodologies concept to manage basics spacing and routing rules o New Constraint Manager fields "Spacing ,physical ,Region" o New Assignment mode into Constraint Manager o Improvements in Constraint Set Management o Layer Support for Constraint Regions o XNet Support for Physical and Spacing Constraints o New RF shape routing and forms Generator o New RF Flow with Agilent -Import IFF o New Interactive Component Fanout o New Super filter mode object command o New Via Arrays o Same-Net DRC o Via-in-Pad DRC o HDI Via Structures and routing solution o Dynamic Unused Pad Suppression o Drill to Metal DRC o Dynamic Filleting o Placement Application Mode o Snap Functions o Differential Pair Enhancements o Layer-based Design Partitioning o Middle Mouse Wheel Functionality o Long Name Support Productized o File Manager Command (filemgr) o Shapes o Waived DRCs o Same Net DRC o New Cadence Help o Place Replication with routing o Usability and General Productivity Enhancements o Resize/Respace of Diff Pair Routes o Display & Graphics Flip Design , 3D view o Dynamic Diff Pair Phase Control o Multi-Line Generator o Jumpers routing and management


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