Cadence MMSim v10.10.204


New Fast Envelope in MMSIM10.1 is *Really* Fast and Accurate! Fast envelope analysis technology uses an accelerated mathematical representation to reduce the computational complexity * The circuit is automatically calibrated and replaced by an accelerated mathematical representation without the designer's intervention. * Simulation completes in minutes, independent of the designer’s specified stop time. * Good compromise between computational efficiency and accuracy. Simulations that used to take days now take hours or minutes with no loss in accuracy A new multi-threading capability has greatly improved simulation speed for RF Designers! * In MMSIM7.2, we introduced APS for Harmonic Balance analyses (multi-threaded harmonic balance simulation). * In MMSIM10.1, we added support for APS in Shooting PSS and small signal analyses (multi-threaded shooting pss simulation) There are only a few limitations of APS support remaining in MMSIM 10.1. * QPSS and QPxx small signal analyses. * Netlists using swapfile. * Distributed components (mtline, nport). * Shooting envlp. In the cases above, Spectre Turbo code is used instead.


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