Cadence SPB v16.6


2012 11 Product Version 16.6 Installation Overview You can use the SPB/OrCAD installer to install products, incrementally add new products, maintain an existing installation, install remote client, and install libraries. This chapter gives an overview of the installation process and points you to the relevant chapters for detailed information. Important To support the additional security measures that Microsoft has added in Windows Vista and Windows 7, SPB 16.6 has changed the way it is installed and managed to be compatible with Windows UAC (User Access Control) restrictions. See UAC (User Access Control) Scenarios on page 14. Note that in order to install the Cadence products, you must be logged on as a user with administrative privileges. This chapter discusses the following topics: ■ Installation Options for Cadence Products: Overview of setups and configurations while installing ■ Installing the License Manager: Overview of License Manager installation ■ Installing Products: Overview of performing a complete installation for all products and installing a specific set of products using customized installation ■ Maintaining Existing Installations: Overview of installing additional products to an already installed hierarchy or to repair an existing hierarchy ■ Installing Allegro Design Entry HDL - AMS Libraries: Overview of installing Allegro Design Entry HDL-AMS Libraries ■ Uninstalling License Manager, Products, and Libraries: Overview of method to remove Cadence installations


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