Cadence Assura v04.12.004.615


Cadence® Assura® Design Rule Checker (DRC) is part of the design verification suite of tools within the Virtuoso® custom design platform. Assura DRC is a full-featured tool that supports both interactive and batch operation modes and utilizes hierar- chical processing for fast, efficient identification and correction of design rule errors in even the most advanced designs. the virtuoso custom design platform When design objectives dictate manipulat- ing precise analog quantities—voltages, currents, charges, and continuous ratios of parameter values such as resistance and capacitance—companies turn to custom design. Full-custom design maximizes performance while minimizing area and power. However, it requires significant handcrafting by a select set of engineers with very high skill levels. In addition, custom analog circuits are more sensitive to physical effects, which are exacerbated at new, nanometer process nodes. The Virtuoso custom design platform accelerates the design of custom ICs across various process nodes. By selec- tively automating aspects of custom analog design and providing advanced technologies integrated on a common database, it allows engineers to focus on precision crafting their designs— without sacrificing creativity to repetitive manual tasks.


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