Cadence SPB hotifx


Patch for EDA and PCB Cadence SPB / OrCAD 16.30 on September 1, 2010. This package fixes the problems were noticed in the following programs of package: for OrCAD OrCAD_Capture_CIS OrCAD_EE_Designer OrCAD_FPGA_System_Planner OrCAD_PCB_Designer OrCAD_Signal_Explorer PSpice for Allegro SPB APD_APSI Allegro_AMS_Simulator Allegro_Design_Entry_CIS Allegro_Design_Entry_HDL Allegro_Editor_Router Allegro_PCB_Librarian Allegro_PCB_Router Allegro_PCB_SI Allegro_Physical_Viewer Allegro_System_Architect Digital_SiP FPGA_System_Planner RF_SiP Package is applicable for updating any options for installing - Allegro SPB and (or) OrCAD Extras. Information: When you integrate this service pack have the opportunity to create a backup for a rollback to previous version. To do this, check the box "Backup Files" window "Installation Summary" After installation, you must reapply the patcher (included in the distribution), because in the process of updating the previously patched files are replaced with new ones. This Hotfix, like all others for Allego SPB / OrCAD is cumulative, ie includes all previous updates. Year / Release Date: September 1, 2010 Year: 2010 Version: 16.30.015 Developer: Cadence Platform: Windows Compatible with Windows 7: only x86 (32-bit) System Requirements: Installed package Cadence SPB / OrCAD version 16.30.000 - 16.30.014 Language: English only


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