Cadence Spectre 17.10 Linux


Cadence Spectre 17.10 Linux Cadence Spectre Circuit Simulator provides fast, accurate SPICE-level simulation for analog, radio frequency (RF), and mixed-signal circuits. It is tightly integrated with the Cadence Virtuoso® custom design platform and provides detailed transistor-level analysis in multiple domains. Its superior architecture allows for low memory consumption and high-capacity analysis. Features – Provides high-performance, high-capacity SPICE-level analog and RF simulation out of the box for accuracy and convergence – Enable the tradeoff between accuracy and performance through user-friendly simulation setup applicable to the most complex analog and custom-digital ICs – Uses the +postlayout option to provide efficient post-layout simulation with RLCK parasitics – Utilizes efficient multi-threaded technology to improve simulation throughput – Simulates distributed components modeled using S-parameter models (n-port) and lossy coupled transmission line (mtline) elements – Performs RF analysis of periodic steady-state and modulated signals used to measure spectral response, gain compression, inter-modulation distortion, impedance matching, stability, isolation, and ACPR – Includes advanced statistical analysis (Smart Monte Carlo, DCmatch, High Sigma Yield Estimation) to improve the manufacturability and yield of ICs at advanced process nodes without sacrificing time to market – Tight integration with the Virtuoso ADE Product Suite provides fast interactive simulation set-up, cross-probing, visualization, and post-processing of simulation results – Wide foundry support ensures high design quality using silicon-accurate, foundry-certified device models


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