Cadence LEC Conformal 7.2 Linux

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  • Freshtime:2008-09-04
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General verification tips: – Take advantage of the different compare efforts (Low, Med, High, Super, Ultra, Complete). – Handling cell libraries – verify first the library cells and then use one view for both golden and revised. – LEC parallel compare enables us to reduce the memory load per machine and sometimes it enables to resolve abort points in that way. Comparing a design in one piece is harder than comparing all the different pieces one by one. – Use the write hier_compare command to generate the hierarchical comparison script. – This technique is efficient and enables LEC to handle smaller logic cones at each time. • Due to the nature of our design, LEC will abort when trying to compare the huge combinational function (the abort point). • Note that recent versions of LEC reduced significantly the need for this technique.


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