Surfcam 2014 R2


SURFCAM 2014 ’s 3 Axis system provides the combination of powerful functionality coupled with ease of use. SURFCAM delivers efficient, reliable toolpaths on even the most complex of surface geometry. SURFCAM’s 3 Axis high-speed machining strategies feature fast processing, minimal rapid moves and optimized tool motion all of which provide the highest quality surface finishes. Product highlights include: All the features of the SURFCAM 2 Axis system High-speed optimized roughing and finishing strategies that feature smooth, fluid toolpaths that reduce the load on tools and machines Fast processing using newly developed algorithms, taking advantage of multiple processors to provide efficient calculations on complex part geometry High-speed linking which reduces overall cycle time and optimizes machine motion by minimizing rapid moves and eliminating abrupt changes in direction Full gouge protection and toolpath containment options that provide precise control over what is machined and what is avoided Unparalleled surface finishes that increase productivity by reducing secondary machining processes Tapered tool support with full gouge avoidance Automatic arc fitting which reduces g-code and improve surface finishes Optional 3 Axis TRUEMill roughing strategy SURFCAM 2014 offers true simultaneous 4 & 5 Axis machining with full tool motion visualization and verification. Precise control is achieved over every aspect of multi-axis machining ensuring safe tool motion for even the most challenging applications. The 4 & 5 Axis system provides support for all standard tools with collision checking, gouge avoidance, toolpath containment – and more. 4/5 Axis Product Highlights Include: Full simultaneous 4 and 5 Axis multi-surface machining Complete tool and shank collision protection ensuring safe tool motion in any situation Gouge checking strategies with up to four separate check surface groups Advanced 3D lead-in & lead-out strategies Full control over surface edge, gap and step-over handling Powerful 3D retract options with clearance for planes, cylinders or spheres Advanced vector control for precise tool motion management 4 and 5 Axis drilling capabilities Tool plane locking and limiting for enhanced control in tight situations Full tool motion visualization and verification


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