Metalix cncKad 2010 v10


The cncKad system offers a full range of CAD/CAM capabilities for use with CNC Punch, Laser, Plasma, Flame and Combination machines. cncKad supports the entire cycle of CNC operations and includes drafting, automatic and interactive processing modes, post processing, graphic simulation of CNC programs, manual or automatic nesting and downloading and uploading of NC files. Files can be transferred from Solid Works®, SolidEdge® and autodesk Inventor® using a real-time associative link, and read directly from AutoCAD® files. cncKad supports a wide range of machines, and has a powerful solution for the quick creation of NC files and transferring of parts from one technology or machine type to another. cncKad is affordable, user-friendly and comes complete with comprehensive documentation and an automatic installation procedure. Entire Design-to-Production Cycle. cncKad offers users an integrated system covering the complete cycle of CNC operation including: Drafting Processing Extensive API cncKad has a very powerful, yet easy to use, Automatic and interactive processing for all cncKad supports a comprehensive API 2D drafting module. In addition to a full set technologies: Punch, Laser, Plasma, Flame, (Application Program Interface) which lets of drafting tools, cncKad supports special Waterjet and Milling. Jobs can be ported to you modify and enhance the standard sheet-metal drafting aids, including: Notching a different machine and/or technology with commands using C++ or VB. - Rectangular, Oval or Triangular, Chamfering, a few clicks of the mouse: e.g. from punching Programmers can use the API to create Rounding of partial or complete contours, machines to laser machines. This is time-saving applications: Shapes Detection and Editing, and Geometry accomplished with cncKad’s integrated Post- Integrate cncKad with ERP/MRP systems. Validation. Processing module. Work flow is optimized Develop automated scripts for standard cncKad can automatically detect and correct by eliminating superfluous computer files. actions. unclosed contours, insert any Windows font Leverage product information directly from for cutting and punching and import DXF, part files. Parametric Programming IGES, CADL, DWG and other standard file The API comes with complete documentation cncKad offers users the option of creating formats. and a set of code examples. Parametric Part Definition files (PPDs) - master part files used to create a “family” of Combination Machines Punch Technology parts that vary from each other by parameters Full Combination Machines support: such as size and holes. The Punching module includes support for: cncKad supports Combination Machines such PPDs are written in Visual Basic for cncKad, Auto-Punch as Punch/Laser, Punch/Plasma or and allow the creation of very powerful Special tools Punch/Shear, including commands for sorting Parametric Parts using a virtually unlimited Auto-indexing and stacking devices attached to the machines. number of parameters and supporting a large Automatic Reposition variety of requirements. Common cuts


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