JewelSuite v2009


OA announces the release of JewelSuite 2009 – the latest major release of its integrated reservoir modeling software package. Existing features have been enhanced and the 2009 release also sees a host of new functionality. Incorporating customer feedback and requests, JewelSuite 2009 further delivers on JOA’s vision of easy, fast and accurate reservoir model building. New and enhanced features of JewelSuite™ 2009 include the following: 1. A brand new well correlation panel! The Well Correlation View in JewelSuite™ 2009 has been completely redesigned. It provides the following new key functionalities: * Well Bore tracks with Multiple log tracks * Interactive resize / movement of well bores, log and tracks * Templates can be customized to display panels, tracks and logs to minimize set-up time * Well Log Correlation * Drag and Drop of well log curves between views * Scaled Hard Copy / Printing support 2. Arbitrary Cross Sections In JewelSuite 2009 Arbitrary Cross Sections can now be created: * Plane Intersections (infinite 3D plane in any orientation, pulled through the viewbox) * Vertical Intersections (finite cross-sections based on user-defined polylines or automatically generated polylines between objects such as wellbores * Surface Intersections through seismic data (displays at or parallel to fault or horizon surfaces) * All intersections can be displayed in either a 3D view or in a dedicated 2D Intersection View 3. Enhanced Structure Builder functionality Structural Modeling workflow process improvements: Significant efforts have been made to improve automated steps in Structural Framework Modeling and complement them with mouse-driven equivalents, making structure modeling really fast and easy for all geological scenarios. * Functionality items in workflow panels have been rearranged to guide the user more intuitively through the Structural Modeling workflow process * Fault and horizon surfaces can now easily be extended and bent by dragging surface edges with your mouse * Much improved user control on automated retraction and extension operations Modify preview intersection lines, for instance to control throw across faults Click on surfaces to identify sections to be retracted or extended * Use fault proximity criteria (fault corridor) to cut horizons near faults * Modify the shape of surfaces by flexing it inside a user-defined area (ellipsoid)


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