stampack express 2022


stampack express 2022

Stampack Xpress is the practical forming simulation for every tool designer. This means:

  • Straightforward and clear user guidance
  • The user of Stampack Xpress does not need any previous knowledge about finite elements methods and material science.
  • Stampack Xpress is affordable for every design department and engineering office.


Stampack Xpress allows designers and method planners to simulate forming processes for prototype, progressive die and transfer die tools.

Stampack Xpress is the ONLY sheet metal forming simulation that,


  • has shell and solid simulation in one software environment.
  • can be used by experienced simulators as well as by simulation beginners.
  • has a direct interface to the CAD/CAM solution VISI.
  • requires no additional license fees for the use of all processor cores.
  • offers a perpetual licence which means that the user is allowed to buy the software


The combination of shell and solid simulation in Stampack Xpress allows versatile applications. The component spectrum ranges from aluminium foils with a thickness of 0.01mm to formed parts with a sheet thickness of 6mm. Typical products simulated with Stampack Xpress are:

  •  Automotive body in white parts
  • Trim panels, covers and trim strips in vehicle interiors
  • Connecting components and support plates
  • Electrical connectors and cable guides
  • Metal containers, cans, lids and caps
  • Boxes for electrical, household and hydraulic appliances
  • Household utensils such as baking trays, cake tins and kitchen sinks
  • Heat shields and aluminium foils