AutoForm Plus R5.2.0.11


AutoFormplus R5.2 is the second released minor version of AutoFormplus R5. With the AutoFormplus R5.2 minor release, new and modified features have been implemented and several significant bugs have been fixed. They are relevant for AutoFormplus stand-alone as well as for CAD-embedded AutoForm products. For more detailed information, please refer to section 3 Release Content. The compatibility of data files between AutoFormplus R5.1 and AutoFormplus R5.2 is unidirectional. This means that data files created with AutoFormplus R5.1 can be processed in AutoFormplus R5.2 but not vice versa. The new AutoFormplus R5.2 Installation, Configuration and Administration Guide.pdf is provided by the installation wizard at the beginning of the installation process and it is also available in the main folder of the AutoFormplus R5.2 DVD. The chapter 3 of the Installation, Configuration and Administration Guide describes the installation of AutoFormplus products. The chapter 4 describes the configuration and administration of AutoFormplus products. License Server The License Server of AutoFormplus R5.2 is identical to the License Server of AutoFormplus R5 and therefore there is no need for an update. The License Server of AutoFormplusR4 should be updated to AutoFormplusR5 / R5.2. Licenses Licenses provided for AutoFormplusR4, AutoFormplusR5 or AutoFormplusR5.1 are still valid for AutoFormplusR5.2. Important Exception: The license type S is discontinued with AutoFormplus R5.2. In this case please call your local AutoForm office. Concurrent Use of AutoFormplus R5.2 and Previous Versions AutoFormplusR5.2 can be installed on the same machine concurrently with any previous release. Folders for binaries as well as folders for configuration and additional data files (e.g. material files) are completely separated from previous versions and will not interfere with each other.


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