Simufact Forming 9.0 Win


Simufact.forming is a simulation tool that has been developed especially for the forming industry. As a consistent advancement of the long-established simulation solutions MSC.SuperForm and MSC.SuperForge from our partner MSC.Software, both complementary technologies were integrated in a single, powerful product that is up to all the challenges of forming technology. From forging to rolling, from sheet metal to titanium Simufact.forming has been developed to support in all forming applications, independent from process temperature, machine used or material processed: closed die forging or extrusion, drawing, upsetting, bending or free forging, flat rolling, profile rolling or tumbling – cold, hot or semi-hot, mechanical press, hammer or screw press, rolling machine or orbital forging – even coupled processes and spring-controlled tools, simple low-alloyed or stainless steel , aluminium or non-ferrous metal, titanium or nickel based alloys, massive or sheets, material flow or dieload analysis Simufact.forming is the integrated simulation environment for the optimization of all forming processes.


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