Galaad 3 is a set of 32 bits native Windows (95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista) programmes that are dedicated to intelligent driving of CNC machines, from 1 to 5 axes. Most usual applications for Galaad are 2½D milling, engraving, cutting, plasma/laser/water-jet control, glue or liquid dispensing. "All-in-one" software concept, it integrates in a coherent set the whole prototyping process, and adds extra modules for possible special applications. Galaad software is available in English, French, German & Italian. From idea to object, processing chain usually follows three steps : workpiece design, using 2D, 2½D or 3D CAD software (Computer Aided Design) that produces a file containing geometrical information, for example under HPGL, DXF or other format ; then comes the toolpath definition that is made by CAM software (Computer Aided Manufacturing) that generates trajectories the tool cutters will follow, usually under ISO G-code format ; and at last a CNC driver (Computerised Numerical Control) to drive the machine (mill or lathe) that will produce the final shape.


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