Fikus Visualcam for WireEDM 12.0

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A typical mold or EDM process involves several machining technologies, primarily milling grinding and polishing. WireEDM is a popular and widely used technology that is quickly becoming an important tool in today's competitive market. WireEDM is also used for cutting mold components made from hardened steel, where parts are particulary difficult to mill. Similarly, when a job requires fairly small radii, or when the cutting depth of a part or an electrode is too difficult to machine using a milling tool, As wire is not afeccted by constant wear, as are traditional milling tools, wire results are always exact, no matter what complexity of the job.

The Fikus WireEDM solution

The Fikus solution to WireEDM Fikus WireEDM aplication offers a flexible and functional solution for today's toolmaker, and it not dependent on the age or type of wire EDM machine in use. Fikus WireEDM is specifically designed to produce 2- to 4-axis toolpaths easily and quickly, using a range of innovative tools. The product is a Windows 32-bit native application, with dynamic OpenGl rendered graphics, and user interface with clear and concise icons and toolboxes, making the learning process easy. The major machine manufacturers(AGIE, CHARMILLES, SODICK, ONA, MITSUBISHI, FANUC,...) are implemented with optimized technological tables.


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