Cadence Allegro SPB v17.0 Windows


Speeds designs from placement and routing through to manufacturing with powerful features such as design partitioning, RF design capabilities, and interconnect design planning. Production-proven to increase productivity and help engineers quickly ramp up to volume production. Features/Benefits Provides a scalable, full-featured PCB design solution Enables a constraint-driven design flow to reduce design iterations Provides a single, consistent, front-to-back constraint management environment Delivers an integrated RF/analog design and mixed-signal design environment Provides interactive floorplanning and component placement Provides design partitioning for large, dispersed development teams Enables real-time, interactive push/shove etch editing Allows real-time plowing/healing with dynamic shape technology Manages net scheduling, timing, crosstalk, layer set routing, and geometric constraints Provides proven PCB Router technology for auto-routing of random signals Enables hierarchical Route Planning to accelerate design completion Shortens interconnect planning and routing time for dense designs with high-speed interfaces Outputs design data in a variety of manufacturing formats What's New: 17.0, as with all major dot zero releases, contains a number of architectural changes that will have an adoption overhead for customers, such as 64Bit only operating system, database changes that require a database update and a new library padstack structure. Through discussions with customers around the world we have learned that a 2015 mandatory update to 17.0 may require more preparation at some customer sites. Therefore the OrCAD and Allegro management team have decided to create and release a new feature packed 2015 version of 16.6 (16.6-2015) that will deliver new OrCAD and Allegro products as well as new functionality tiering of the OrCAD and Allegro base PCB products and pull forward some of the key 17.0 features such as Shape Edit application mode. This new 16.6-2015 release is being planned for June’2015. Therefore 17.0 is being re-positioned as a limited access Early Adopter Program (EAP) release, available and supported for production work for those companies using Allegro who want/need to move to a 64Bit operating system and/or begin to take advantage of the new database Padstack support. With the new feature-rich 16.6-2015 release we do not expect a large number of customers will want to upgrade to 17.0.


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