Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60.008 Hotfix

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  • Platform:WIN32&WIN64
  • Freshtime:2013-05-09
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CCRID PRODUCT PRODUCTLEVEL2 TITLE =================================================================================================================================== 876711 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Mouse wheel will only zoom out using Win7 64 bit 1080386 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Unable to highlight netclass on every schematic page using Global Navigation 1082587 FSP FPGA_SUPPORT Support of Xilinx's Zync device 1105286 FSP DE-HDL_SCHEMATIC FSP crashes while creating board in Schgen if it does not find any available license. 1105461 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRAFTING Dimension Enviroment deletes Diameter symbol whenever we add anything to Text section 1105504 PCB_LIBRARIAN CORE PDV on Linux Move pins by arrows does not stop when release arrow key but keeps on running 1110126 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Display Hole displays strange color. 1113518 CIS DESIGN_VARIANT Incorrect Variant information in Variant View Mode for multi-section parts with occurrence 1117580 SCM OTHER DSMAIN-335: Dia file(s) error has occurred. 1117845 FSP DE-HDL_SCHEMATIC Schematic Generation fails without a reason 1119864 FSP TERMINATIONS Auto-increment the pin number while mapping terminations. 1120250 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Why is the parameter File altered? 1120414 ADW LRM TDO Cache design issue 1121044 SIP_LAYOUT SKILL axlDBAssignNet returns t even when no net name is assigned to via 1121148 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT Ratsnests turns off when moving symbols with Net Groups 1122440 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Cannot unlock database using the password used to lock it 1122449 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Uncoupled length DRC for diff pair shows different actual length value between show element and CM. 1122990 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV RF PCB Symbol which is part of Reuse Module cannot be replaced 1123083 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT Saving after mirroring a Place replicate mdd create a .SAV


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