Cadence Specctra Router 16

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Cadence SPECCTRA for OrCAD For robust PCB interconnect routing Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD® solves the challenges of complex interconnect routing with powerful, automated technology. This robust, production-proven autorouter includes a batch routing mode with extensive user-defined routing strategy control as well as built-in automatic strategy capability. SPECCTRA for OrCAD achieves faster, more efficient routing using algorithms that look at the design and draw from a library of proven strategies based on the design’s content. It then configures and executes the router as required. An interactive routing environment, SPECCTRA for OrCAD features realtime interactive trace pushing and shoving aids to make quick manual edits to traces. An interactive placement environment with extensive floorplanning functionality and complete component placement features eliminates the need to switch applications to make placement changes to optimize routing. By using the auto-interactive floorplanning and placement capability designers can improve routing quality and productivity, which are directly related to component placement. The autorouter’s extensive rule set can control a wide range of constraints from default board-level rules to rules by net /net class and regions. BENEFITS • Provides a cost-effective, scalable, proven interconnect solution • Offers a complete interconnect environment • Includes floorplanning and routing • Enables faster, more efficient design with automatic routing • Includes a comprehensive feature set • Reduces route-fix-route iterations • Allows shape-based, 45-degree, interactive, and automatic routing


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