Ansoft Siwave 3.5

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  • Freshtime:2008-05-26
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::::::English Description::::::

 SIwave analyzes complex printed circuit boards (PCBs) and IC packages prevalent in modern electronic products. The tool allows engineers to extract frequency-dependent circuit models of power distribution and signal nets directly from device layout (physical CAD) databases. Such circuit models aid in the identification of signal integrity and power-distribution network problems and are critical to designers seeking first-pass system success. An integrated DC IR drop computation module allows engineers to perform pre/post layout IR-drop verification to ensure that power distribution networks have the proper bump, ball, and pin sizes, as well as proper copper weighting. SIwave also helps mitigate electromigration concerns by flagging regions of high current density.

New in SIwave v3.5 

  • Fast and efficient DC solver (for IR drop verification)
  • 64-bit capability for all solvers
  • Frequency-dependent source implementation
    • Linear interpolation to fit external source datasets
    • External sources can have frequency-dependent impedance
  • Frequency-dependent material model (Djordjevic-Sarkar)
  • Causal trace and via models
  • Visualization of near |E| and |H| fields
  • Clip Design tool to quickly remove extraneous portions of complex designs
  • Improved Dynamic Link between SIwave and HFSS
    • Link based on both E- and H-field
  • Automated frequency spectrum transfer using dynamic link to Nexxim v3.5 and Ansoft Designer v3.5


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