Ansoft Designer 4.0


Ansoft Designer?is an integrated schematic and design management front-end for Ansofts best-in-class simulation technologies, Nexxim? HFSS? Q3D Extractor? and SIwave? Ansoft Designer is the foundation for a highly accurate design flow that allows users to precisely model and simulate complex analog, RF, and mixed-signal applications and perform signal-integrity analysis and system verification of high-performance IC/package/board designs. This flexible, easy-to-use software includes schematic and layout capture, netlist generation, a planar electromagnetic solver (Method of Moments), and sophisticated data visualization and analysis tools.

New in Ansoft Designer v4

  • Push excitations link from Nexxim to HFSS and SIwave.
  • Dynamic link to the 2D Extractor tool.
  • Revised user interface for even better usability.
  • Reusable report templates.
  • Eye diagrams have been significantly enhanced.
  • Reporter functionality is now available through scripting.
  • The user has access to a wide-ranging suite of ranged functions for better data reduction. Examples include maximum, minimum, rise time, and overshoot.
  • PlanarEM engine runs in 64-bit mode and supports multiple processors.
  • Distributed Solve Option (DSO) available for parametric sweeps.
  • Frequency-dependent materials are now supported in PlanarEM.
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