Ansoft Ephysics 3.1

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  • Language:english
  • Platform:Winxp/Win7
  • Freshtime:2009-01-12
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Enhanced coupling with HFSS and Maxwell based on automatic thermal and stress load mapping for multi-physics analysis.
  • Resistive shell support to model thermal gap in transient analysis
  • New scriptable reporter and ranged functions to extract maximum, minimum, last value and average, etc., from a plot
  • Automated parameter setup of object-based maximum displacement, maximum stress, maximum temperature, etc.
  • Advanced model healing capabilities to automatically identify and resolve potential problems with geometry imported from popular CAD systems
  • provides the ability to couple thermal and stress simulation to Ansoft's industry-leading electromagnetic field simulation software, Maxwell?3D or HFSS? This combination delivers the multidisciplinary analysis framework needed to solve coupled physics problems and allows users to consider thermal, deformation, and mechanical stress consequences of respective electromagnetic field simulations in applicable devices, such as RF components, electromechanical devices, MEMS, and biomedical applications.


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