Ansoft Links v5.0


AnsoftLinks streamlines the transfer of design databases from popular third-party EDA layout tools into ANSYS electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical simulation products. EDA links are available for a number of tools offered by Cadence®, Zuken, Sigrity, Altium, and Mentor Graphics®. AnsoftLinks allows the user to select individual electronic components or complete designs of ICs, electronic packages and printed circuit boards. Designs are automatically converted into ready-to-simulate model thereby allowing engineers to accurately simulate existing ECAD geometries in their ANSYS software. New in AnsoftLinks 5.0 * AnsoftLinks for Solver on Demand * ClipDesign binary to cut dielectrics/planes * More efficient solid model generation * Ability to specify a minimum edge length for traces, planes and pads * Unite nets and keep solderballs, solderbumps and/or bondwires separate * Define internal solderballs and solderbumps * Create ports on internal solderballs, solderbumps and bondwires in HFSS export


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