Ansoft Maxwell RMxprt 11.1.1

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Maxwell?3D is the leading electromagnetic design software for the simulation and analysis of high-performance electromagnetic and electromechanical components common to automotive, military/aerospace, and industrial applications. Maxwell 3D provides users a virtual laboratory on their desktop to study static, frequency-domain, and time-varying electromagnetic fields in complex 3D structures.

Maxwell 3D v11 features a new Microsoft Windows?based user interface that provides a highly integrated architecture, unmatched automation, and productivity enhancements. This new release maintains Maxwell s reputation for accurate electromagnetic-field computation while redefining the term user-friendly.

 Maxwell?2D is the leading electromagnetic simulation software program that delivers numerical power and ease of use to the engineer s desktop. With Maxwell 2D, users can quickly and accurately develop virtual prototypes of electric machines, actuators, transformers, sensors, and other electromagnetic devices that can be represented in two dimensions.

RMxprt?is a versatile software program that speeds the design and optimization process of rotating electric machines. With RMxprt, users can calculate machine performance, make initial sizing decisions, and perform hundreds of what if analyses in a matter of seconds.

RMxprt is the entry point for the Ansoft automated motor and drive design flow. RMxprt automatically produces both system-level models and geometric data, allowing the preliminary design to be refined and integrated with power electronic and control circuitry.


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