Ansoft HFSS 10.1 Linux


The main HFSS interface is shown in Figure 1, which illustrates the main components of the gui. They are summarized as follows: • 3D Modeler Window This is the area where you create the model geometry. This window consists of the model view area (or grid) and the history tree as shown in Figure 2. The history tree documents the actions that have been taken in the model view area, and provides an alternative way to select objects in the model view area. • Project Manager with Project Tree The project manager window displays details about all open HFSS projects. Each project ultimately includes a geometric model, its boundary conditions and material assignments, and field solution and post processing information. An expanded view of the project manager is shown in Figure 3 • Properties Window The properties window consists of two tabs. The command tab displays information about an action selected in the history tree that was performed to either create an object or modify an object. The attribute tab displays information about the material and display properties of a selected object. • Progress Window This window is used when a simulation is running to monitor the solution’s progress. • Message Manager This window displays messages associated with a project’s devel- opment (such as error messages about the design’s setup)


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