Genesys 2018 Keysight


Genesys 2018 Keysight

Key Features & Specifications

The Genesys 2018 product release includes:

New RF Circuit Synthesis : Vendor Parts Synthesis (VPS)

  • Synthesizes producible RF PCB design using vendor RLC parts
  • Accounts for RLC parasitics using Modelithics libraries
  • Automatic microstrip interconnects and accounts for layout EM effects
  • New grid optimizer quickly finds ideal combination of discrete part values

New RF System Analysis & System Vendor Libraries

  • 20+ additional modulated RF signal formats for accurate ACPR & EVM analysis
  • New Sys-Parameter vendor libraries from Analog Devices, X-Microwave, Mini Circuits, Custom MMIC & others
  • New Mixer Sys-parameter frequency-dependent model

New Performance Enhancements

  • Multi-threaded Circuit, System and EM simulators and optimizers
  • Windows 10, 64-bit OS support
  • New Testlink for connecting to Keysight instruments

New Usability Enhancements

  • Default & user defined fonts and trace size for hi-res 4K display viewing
  • Single row menu icons eliminates annoying vertical active window shifts
  • Multi-select for copy, cut and delete for workspace tree organization
  • Stretchable dialog boxes eliminates excessive scrolling in defining analyses and layouts
  • Global find by keyword for any items in workspace, e.g. components and variables
  • Example explorer quickly finds examples by keyword for instant productivity

New Features

  • Optimization goal wizard correctly sets up goals with single click
  • Sloped optimization goals for precise optimizer behavior control
  • Color differentiated pass/fail yield analysis with auto yield % report
  • Vendor library builder with integrated on-demand library updater


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