Agilent Genesys 2010.05


Genesys 2010.05 was developed based on extensive inputs from a large Genesys user community. This release of Genesys went through the most thorough quality assurance (QA) and early access (EA) customer testing compared to all previous versions of Genesys. Not only does this release address multiple reliability and performance issues, it also adds breakthrough new capabilities such as X-parameters* to both the circuit and system simulators. These along with the simplified Genesys product structure and pricing put Genesys in the best price-performance of any RF/microwave simulation tool in the industry. Genesys 2010.05 now includes: * Breakthrough nonlinear X-parameter simulation and modeling technology to enable the most accurate and convenient RF nonlinear circuit and system designs. More information about X-parameters in Microwave Journal. * Unprecedented capability of any RF/microwave design tool to tune and optimize nonlinear circuits within an RF system simulation to achieve system performance goals in one pass. * Significantly enhanced optimization convergence and speed. The gradient search algorithm has been enhanced with the latest algorithms and adaptive automatic algorithm selection to deliver the fastest convergence possible. In test benchmarks, it demonstrated 10x optimization speed improvement over Genesys 2009.04 SP1. * Significantly improved schematic capture speed and usability. Large schematic now updates 10x faster than Genesys 2009.04 SP1. Usability enhancements include ghosted copy-and-paste with larger node gravity for more precise and faster connection. * Improved robustness and reliability improvement against crashes hangs and bugs. For example, early Genesys 2004.07 workspaces can now be reliably imported with the correct schematics and layouts. * Improved simulation architecture for faster tuning and simulation such as intelligent caching of simulation data for reuse in swept analysis. * Overall usability improvements in user interface, simulation control, plotting and help documentation to make Genesys 2010 even easier and more intuitive to use. * Improved Momentum GX and GXF electromagnetic simulation with trapezoidal meshing to enhance speed and accuracy but with reduced memory consumption. Genesys 2010.05 also imports early Genesys 2004 designs to enable easy upgrade to the latest fully supported release that runs on the Windows 7, Vista and XP platforms.


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