Agilent Advanced Design System ADS 2011.5


Advanced Design System 2011.05 Release Notes For general information about Advanced Design System (ADS), visit Agilent EEsof product web-page at • Key Features Printing •There have been a number of improvements to printing for Schematic, Layout, and Data Display. In most cases, these improvements are for all platforms, while some improvements are for Linux and Solaris to make them equivalent to the Windows platform. ◦You can now easily create pdf and postscript files on all platforms. ◦rinting now correctly handles colors, fill patterns, transparency levels, and line thickness. ◦The print output will now be scaled properly to take advantage of the full width of the paper, eliminating excess white space. ◦When you select an area to print, it will now be output correctly clipping any shapes that are outside the selected area. ◦You can now print substrates from the EM Substrate Editor. ◦For Solaris and Linux, you will now be able to utilize any printer through the native operating system printer setup (already available on Windows). ◦The graphic quality of the images that are copied to the Clipboard has been greatly improved. X-Parameters •There is now a new model reduction feature which can be used when simulating with an X-Parameter. The reduced models will simulate faster with some test cases showing a 60X improvement in simulation time. This feature applies to models of high complexity (e.g., file sizes greater than hundreds of MB). By exercising this feature, there is a tradeoff between performance and accuracy, but in some of the early testing the loss of accuracy has not been significant. Updated SiMKit •SiMKit 4.6 is now available. One-click HSPICE encryption •Easily encrypt an HSPICE Compatibility Component (HCC). GDSII Export •GDSII Export has a simplified and automated layer mapping capability. It will also automatically make use of a layer mapping defined as part of a PDK.


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