Agilent SystemVue 2013.08


SystemVue 2013.08 includes the following new and improved capabilities: Core Platform and Design Flow Links — Exporting "Verification Test Benches" to ADS/GG, expanded SystemC data types; HDF5 data support; new & updated links to AGI STK 10, Aldec Riviera PRO, Mentor Questa Simulation technology — Remote simulation engine for Linux (new), Distributed Computing 8-packs (new), "High Carrier Count" breakthrough for Spectrasys Libraries and Applications — Digital Modem library (new); GNSS satellite navigation scenarios for Beidou2, GPS; Radar templates and phased array/beamforming; Bluetooth support; VCSEL and CDR model generation for Optical SerDes Instrument Support — M8190 DUC support (longer, accurate waveforms), DPD with PXI Modular M9381 VSG, M9391 VSA; Waveform Sequence Composer improvements The SystemVue 2013.08 release builds on core platform improvements and baseband design flow integration for communications physical layer designers, as well as routine improvements in application areas such as Emerging Comms and Defense. SystemVue 2012.06 System-level design, Core Platform Export of “Verification Test Benches” (VTB) to the next releases of ADS and GoldenGate Expanded SystemC data types New links to AGI STK 10 Updated support for Mentor Questa 10.x and Aldec Riviera PRO 2013.06 Simulation technology (NEW) W1711 SystemVue Engine for remote simulation on Linux (NEW) W1712 SystemVue Distributed Computing 8-pack "High Carrier Count" breakthrough for W1719 RF System Design Kit (Spectrasys) Libraries and Applications (NEW) W1902 Digital Modem library W1919 GNSS satellite navigation scenarios for Beidou2, GPS W1905 Radar templates and phased array/beamforming Bluetooth support added to W1917 WLAN library VCSEL and CDR model generation for W1713 Optical SerDes Instrument Links Adds support for new M9381A Modular PXI RF vector signal generator and M9391A analyzer for W1716 Digital Pre-Distortion New “Waveform Sequence Composer” user interface now supports M8190A with Digital UpConverter (DUC) option, for longer, more accurate waveforms. If you are ready to get started using SystemVue, please fill out and submit the Agilent EEsof EDA Software Demo Request Form. Looking for another version? View other SystemVue Product Versions.


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