Agilent IC-CAP 2009 Win


The Integrated Circuit Characterization & Analysis Program (IC-CAP) is the industry standard platform for DC and High Frequency measurement and modeling of semiconductor devices. IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 continues to provide innovative modeling solutions by introducing several new model versions in MOS extraction packages as well as other enhancements and new features. The new model versions include HiSIM_HV 1.1.1, BSIM 4.6.2, and PSP 103.0. IC-CAP 2008 introduced running simulations in Spectre compatibilty mode with ADS, thus enhancing model generation and library maintainance efficiency, and IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 now introduces support for running ADS simulations in HSPICE compatibilty mode. Addition of a driver for the new B1505A Power Device Analyzer and Curve Tracer makes it possible to measure a new class of high power devices and device technologies, including pulsed measurements. The new Status Window program control buttons provide more dynamic control over measurement control and program execution. Overall, IC-CAP 2009 Update 1 contains more than 60 requests for enhancements, updates and bug fixes, suggested by customers, CAD groups, and Agilent field and marketing engineers.


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