FTI Fastform Advanced v10.3


Identifies 90% of forming feasibility issues within minutes, to substantially reduce financial risks during product development • The most accurate and speedy formability tool from product concept to die design; pinpoint problem root causes, product versus process issues • When used as a front end to an incremental, will reduce number of incremental runs from 25 to 3 • 70% productivity improvement in evaluating multiple processing scenarios FEATURES: • The ONLY Regenerative and Associative environment for formability evaluation; simulates multiple processing scenarios in minutes with a regenerative tree • Uses the most accurate forming analysis engine and only one for tight radii • Materials database – populated by common materials; can add your own materials • Automatic Meshing - Powerful mesh generator to hide FEA complexity. Capable of filling holes, offsetting to mid-plane, and displaying undercut elements • Best in Class Skinning tool to convert from Solid into Skin, based on unique topology tool • Forming Conditions – Best in Class tools to simulate blankholder forces, drawbeads, pressure pads, pilot holes, and constraints • Curved Binder - Create or load a binder surface to create a more uniform draw depth • Springback - Determine the final part shape resulting from springback, with or without trimming • Tailor Welded Parts - Define additional materials for different areas of the part • Cut Off Dies - 5 standard blank outlines are available • User Defined Blank – to allow formability based on pre-defined blank size


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