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VERICUT 6.1, NC Program Review is integrated in VERICUT’s main desktop, using VERICUT’s desktop menus and graphics.  An icon button in the NC Program window switches modes between the Info display and the Review display. When in Review mode, the user can navigate backwards from the last NC program line simulated. Error messages and NC program text is highlighted when a collision on the stock or fixture is selected. Entering Review mode adds Step Backward and Play Backward buttons to VERICUT’s other VCR buttons. The existing Step, Play, Rewind and Reset buttons also change to interact in Review mode, providing easy navigation through the NC program. Optionally, material can be replaced while stepping backwards, and then removed again while stepping forward, giving the ability to easily identify and closely evaluate problem areas. Both machine views and profile views are now active in Review mode, including an optional tool path line display in the profile view. Additionally, synchronized subsystem simulation (such as for multi-channel controls) can now be displayed in Review mode.


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