MSC Patran 2012


The new Patran 2012 release comes with several ease of use enhancements to improve your finite element analysis (FEA) modeling productivity. In addition, with improved support for nonlinear features of Marc and MSC Nastran, especially for failure modeling and contact, users can set up and analyze product failures more easily within the Patran environment. Durability enhancements through further support for MSC Fatigue helps improve your product safety by studying broader loading scenarios in this release. Join this webcast to learn how you can benefit from the new Patran 2012, and its capability enhancements like: Model Browser Tree New one-click options Nonlinear solver support enhancements MSC Fatigue support including vibration fatigue MSC Software is pleased to announce the release of Patran 2012 and MSC Fatigue 2012. This new release of Patran focuses on enhanced user experience and improved nonlinear analysis support. MSC Fatigue being released along with Patran 2012 also helps improve your designs and product durability. Some of the key enhancements in this release of Patran 2012 include: Features to accelerate your modeling productivity · New Model Browser Tree (MBT): This customizable tree helps you visualize database entities in a tree hierarchy. Some of the features include: o Post/unpost database entities on the model view o Drag and drop support for certain tree items o Context sensitive pop menu o Collapse/Expand tree nodes o Context sensitive popup menus with right mouse clicks o Search through tree items using text labels o Sort tree child items in alphabetical or creation order o Filter display of specific items in the browser tree structure · One Click options: More commonly performed tasks are accessible with a single click to improve modeling efficiency · New Right Mouse Button options: Easier and faster access to commonly used menu items · New picking filter to select/unselect all items Capability enhancements for nonlinear and failure event simulations · Cohesive zone modeling · Virtual crack closure technique · New nonlinear elements of Marc and MSC Nastran · Improved contact table support · Support for segment-to-segment contact method · Support for edge-to-edge contact and breaking glue


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