MSC Marc 2011


The new Marc 2011 release is easier, smarter, and faster; enabling engineers new to nonlinear analysis achieve faster productivity, while providing a host of new features that longtime Marc users are extremely excited about. This webinar will present capabilities in Marc that make it easier to perform nonlinear FEA including: All-new and customizable user interface Easier model navigation Easy to use menu organization Native CAD import and faster, improved meshing Join this webcast to learn how Marc 2011 can help you improve nonlinear FEA productivity through: All-New User Interface "The all-new GUI is better organized. The new meshing enhancements provide the user many tools which reduce needed model generation man-hours, reduce modeling errors, and minimize time necessary to modify models, each of which will lead to enhanced productivity and reduced analysis costs," beta customer. Smarter Contact Setup and Analysis "Contact enhancements available in the Marc 2011 release are truly impressive. The new contact capabilities make Marc 2011 much superior to other competing FEA software packages," beta customer. Smarter Fracture Mechanics and Composites Analysis "Crack propagation is something new in the market and very useful," beta customer. Faster Nonlinear Simulations "Solver enhancements, especially for parallelized, multiple CPU systems should increase throughput speed, reducing solution times and solution costs," beta customer.


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