MSC Nastran 2007 R1

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MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran is a powerful general purpose finite element analysis solution for small to complex assemblies. A proven and standard tool in the field of structural analysis for over four decades, Nastran provides a wide range of modeling and analysis capabilities, including linear statics, displacement, strain, stress, vibration, heat transfer and more. What’s more, Nastran can handle any material type from plastic and metal to composites and hyperelastic materials.

Add new modules as you grow
Because MSC Nastran is actually a family of tightly integrated analysis modules, you can purchase exactly what you need. You can start with a basic configuration that allows you to perform linear and buckling analysis. Later, you can add additional MSC Nastran modules for heat transfer, dynamics, spot welding, aeroelasticity, and nonlinear analysis. Modules such as MSC Nastran Design Optimization and Topology Optimization and DMAP (a toolkit for creating custom solutions that work with proprietary applications) speed work by enabling you to customize analysis routines.

Work within a completely integrated environment
MSC Nastran is closely linked with the pre-processor prost-processor Patran. A wide range of third-party CAD programs also offer direct interfaces to MSC Nastran, giving you a completely integrated modeling and simulation environment to work within.


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