MS SimOffice Catia UG Addon 2.1

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  • Size:128MB
  • Language:english
  • Platform:Winxp/Win7
  • Freshtime:2007-12-07
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Installation Installing SimOffice is a simple process which uses a setup program included on your MSC SimOffice DVD-ROM. The procedure below describes the basic steps involved in running this setup program for the different Windows systems. PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING Important: Uninstall any previous versions of SimOffice before installing a new version of the product or if reinstalling the same product. In order to uninstall, go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down to locate either SimOffice or MSC SimOffice and click on Remove to uninstall SimOffice. If you fail to do so, some registry entries may not be written correctly and could require clean up of registry and reinstallation. At any point during the installation, you can cancel the installation by clicking on 'Cancel'. You may also use the 'Back' button to go back to a previous step to change your prior selection. During installation you will be prompted to select a Scratch directory. Make sure you know which directory you would like to use and create it now as you will not be able to create it at the time of selection. You may use c:temp which is the standard directory for temporary files on Windows systems. This folder should always be accessible and be on a disk with sufficient free space. The size of scratch files depends on the size of the models solved.


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