Fluent PakSi-TM 1.4.7


The trend toward smaller device geometries has increased IC functionality and speed. With smaller dies, heat dissipation and the thermal characteristics of the package play a significant role in chip reliability. More and more the critical factor in determining IC reliability is not the IC itself but the package. At the system level reliability depends on matching the thermal expansion properties of
the die, interconnects, package, and the PWB to avoid thermal differential expansion due to internal or external temperature changes.
Package engineers must also consider thermal and mechanical stresses associated with the manufacturing process in order to reduce
any manufacturing induced defects. During the solder re-flow operation temperatures in excess of 220°C are realized. This high temperature, combined with moisture absorption in the package, will lead to delamination and popcorning problems. PakSi-TM allows
package engineers to save time and money by determining the thermal and mechanical characteristics of the IC package before a
design is committed to fabrication.
PakSi-TM was developed by a team of engineers who are skilled in the area of package design and analysis. This expertise was applied to create a truly state-of-the-art tool with unparalleled accuracy and ease-of-use, for analyzing the effects of hygro, thermal and mechanical stresses on a variety of both custom and industrystandard package styles.


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