Fluent PakSi-E 1.4.8


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PakSi-E is a versatile 3D quasi-static electromagnetic simulation tool for electronic packaging. With this userfriendly tool, engineers and designers can address and resolve electrical performance issues in their IC packaging designs in a timely manner.

PakSi-E is the only 3D quasi-static extraction tool on the market that provides whole package RLGC parasitic extractions. As shown in the above figure, small features like wires, vias, solder balls and pads must be modeled in a 3D model to generate accurate high requency SPICE subcircuits.
Even though 3D modeling is essential to high frequency simulation, many competing products on the market still use the less accurate 2D or 2.5D for whole package extraction because of the technical challenges associated with 3D modeling. With many breakthroughs
in computational algorithms, PakSi-E is able to perform true 3D whole package parasitic extractions quickly and accurately. PakSi-E also has a restart feature so that users can stop a whole package extraction in the middle and resume the extraction later, from the previous step. With this unique feature, users of PakSi-E can have precise RLGC values for each and every net of their design to ensure sound signal integrity of the design.


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