Ansys Fluent Gambit 2.4.6 Linux64

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This course is designed for clients who have little to no experience with ANSYS FLUENT computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. GAMBIT is a pre processor and is used to meet the specific geometry and meshing needs of our users. This course includes both geometry modeling and mesh generation tools for structured, unstructured and hybrid meshing. Course Topics Include: Introduction to Gambit • Geometry creation • Edge and Face meshing • Volume meshing • Boundary layers and size functions • Meshing strategy • CAD import and cleanup. • Course contents for Half of Day 2 and Half of Day 3: ANSYS TGrid TGrid is a highly efficient, easy-to-use, unstructured grid generation program. For input TGrid requires a discretized boundary mesh consisting of either nodes or edges in 2D, or nodes and triangular/quadrilateral faces in 3D. This course helps introduces users with the basics of TGrid and the options for creating Tet and Hybrid meshes.


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