Mentor Graphics FormalPro v2007.1_0-1 Linux

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Mentor Graphics FormalPro v2007.1_0-1 Linux is the Mentor Graphics solution for gate-level regression testing of ASICs and ICs of 100,000 gates or more. FormalPro uses static formal verification techniques to prove that a design is functionally identical to its golden reference.


  • Dramatically Reduces ASIC/FPGA Verification Time
  • Compares two designs
    - RTL to gate for synthesis and ECOs
    - Gate to gate for layout spins
    - RTL to RTL for language conversion
  • Highest capacity tool
    - Verifies multi-million gate
    - ASIC's as one
  • Fastest route to correct design
    - Exact location of errors
    - Tests fixes within the verification session
  • Advanced FPGA Support
    - Xilinx, Altera, Actel
    - FVI and VIF automated setup files
    - Huge productivity boost


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