Ansoft Simplorer 10.0


ANSYS Simplorer Features The powerful technology of ANSYS Simplorer allows analysis of all aspects of large-scale systems, from detailed component analysis to system performance, in a single virtual design environment. Simplorer offers multiple modeling techniques including circuits, block diagrams, state machines, equation level, and modeling languages such as VHDL-AMS, SML (Simplorer Modeling Language), and C/C++. These can be used concurrently allowing engineers to easily model analog, digital and mixed signal multi-domain designs. This flexibility eliminates the need for error-prone mathematical transformations and model analogies often employed by single-domain simulation tools. Simplorer fully supports the IEEE standard (1076.1) VHDL-AMS modeling language for mixed signal and multi-domain systems. It provides both continuous-time and event-driven modeling semantics, and is suitable for analog, digital and mixed analog/digital circuits. VHDL-AMS also facilitates modeling of multi-domain systems that can include a combination of electrical, mechanical, thermal, hydraulics and magnetic models. Models can be exchanged between different simulation tools that adhere to the VHDL-AMS standard ensuring compatibility between software tools and preserving legacy models. Simplorer provides a powerful environment to develop virtual prototypes that can be shared among hardware and software design groups allowing users to emulate hardware and simulate the software. In particular, Simplorer libraries can be shared between different users over a network.


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