Ansoft HFSS 11.2 Win32(Win64)


HFSS is now able to export surface and volume losses in .xml file format for linking to
an ANSYS Mechanical v12 thermal analysis.

DXF files can now be imported with .tech layer mapping files.

ANSft00084239 - Users can now run a non-graphical batchsolve of an analysis that
                requires a datalink between designs. 

Version 11.1.3 Bug Fixes
ANSft00083110 - Data table reports will now load more efficiently.
ANSft00083445 - Port field lines now honor the calibration line defined on the port in
                cases where the mesh is copied from another solution.
ANSft00083190 - Expressions for excitation phase that do not contain units will no longer
be assigned a constant value in degrees after saving and closing the
ANSft00082977 - Triangle nodes could inadvertently be reordered during adaptive mesh
refinement, subsequently triggering a mesh failure.  This issue has been
ANSft00082947 - The Linear Antenna incident wave excitation is now valid for all antenna
ANSft00083074 - Corrections have been made to the electric and magnetic Hertzian-Dipole
ANSft00083456   incident wave formulas.


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