Ansoft Maxwell RMxprt 12.1


Maxwell 12.1 Release notes

New Features/Improvements in 12.1

3D Meshing
A new mesh making algorithm has been added for Maxwell 3D. In the Maxwell 12.1
release this new mesh maker is only used for 3D transient models with rotational
motion. It greatly increases the success rate for meshing 3D rotational motion
problems with small air gaps and produces a much higher quality mesh on the band
interface. [You can also turn on this mesh algorithm in 3D magnetostatic and
eddy designs. Under 慏esign Settings?in the new 態and Meshing?tab you can
慹nable band mesh? With this option enabled you can assign a band object to
create a dummy motion setup. This motion setup is only used to give the
meshmaker information about the band and the objects enclosed so that it can
generate the same mesh that would be created in a rotational transient design.
This is intended for use only with complex rotational designs with small air

Significant improvements have also been made to meshing matching boundaries for
3D geometry.

Improved handling of large model files
Under the 慚odeler?menu in Maxwell there is now an option called 慡upport Large
Geometry Import? When checked this will allow the software to use less memory
when reading projects. This is useful when opening very, very large model files
that might have otherwise have required more memory than is available on some
machines. You do not need to check this option unless you are having trouble
opening a very large model.

2D Modeling enhancements in 12.1
The menu item 慚odeler/Validation Settings?is now available in Maxwell 2D (it
was previously only available in 3D). This allows you to control the model
validation settings and choose to ignore unclassified objects in the validation
checks and/or to skip ACIS entity checks.

General enhancements in 12.1
You can now also set the desired RAM limit using an environment variable. Set

RMxprt enhancements in 12.1
Script commands GetNominalVariation and GetVariationVariableValue are now
supported for RMxprt design objects (these were already available for Maxwell 2D
and 3D design objects).

RMxprt now does an analytical computation of stator and rotor end leakage
inductance and radian duct vent leakage inductance for three-phase induction
motor designs.

Bugs Fixed in Maxwell 12.1
There are numerous bug fixes for all 3 design types (Maxwell 3D, Maxwell 2D and
RMxprt). Some of the most significant ones are listed below. There are also a
number of additions and corrections to the online help.

Maxwell 2D bug fixes in 12.1 (partial list)
ANSft00079067 ?For 2D transient the odd symmetry boundary was not working

ANSft00080999 ?For 2D eddy designs calculating a Z-matrix the inductance term
was incorrect if you used perfect conductors.

ANSft00080996 ?For 2D eddy designs calculating a Z-matrix, if there were
explicitly subtracted holes in conductors the solver would fail with the
message: 揑nternal Solver Error: Must be one object.?

ANSft00080985 ?For 2D eddy designs calculating a Z-matrix, the resistance term
was incorrect when using stranded current sources.

ANSft00078814 ?When doing parametric sweeps of transient solution types, the
option to 慍opy geometrically equivalent meshes?was not working.

ANSft00078964 ?The solution context was not really set when you insert a
Maxwell 2D design (or create one from an RMxprt design). The solution context
would display as ?1?but if you couldn抰 plot the mesh before solving unless
you set the solution context.

ANSft00080053 ?For RZ models there was a tolerance problem in the fields post-
processor that could result in incorrect field plots if objects were very, very
close, but not exactly touching the Z-axis.

ANSft00076624 ?Maxwell2D will now only allow you to align a material with a
coordinate system that is aligned with the appropriate modeling plane.

ANSft00082161 ?For Maxwell2D models the flux linkage contribution from
permanent magnets was not reported correctly.

ANSft00079374 ?In Maxwell2D transient designs, using a 憉ser control program?
did not work in models with windings.

ANSft00079438, ANSft00081704 & ANSft00081259 ?In Maxwell2D, in some cases for
force parameter values were wrong because the solver had an error dealing with
implicit subtraction of objects.

ANSft00083194 ?When running a large parametric sweep, if you aborted the sweep
after more than ~1000 variations had been solved, the project could get into a
state that would cause trouble when you attempted to continue the sweep. When
you attempted to solve the sweep again it might start over from the beginning or
the Maxwell desktop could crash.

ANSft00079672 & ANSft00082503 ?When importing a DXF or DWG file into a
Maxwell2D design on the RZ plane, the objects would be imported on the XY plane
(requiring you to rotate them before using them). In Maxwell 12.1 this is fixed
for the 揂CIS?import method, but not for the 揝cript?import method.

Maxwell 3D bug fixes in 12.1 (partial list)

ANSft00078939 ?On Windows 64-bit editions, large 3D models would fail when
certain processes grew to require more than 4 GB of address space (hnld.exe for
3D magnetostatic and ied3d.exe for 3D eddy). These processes can now grow larger
than 4 GB on 64-bit Windows.

ANSft00079632 ?The flux linkage calculated for a coil was incorrect in some
cases when there were permanent magnets contributing to the flux.

ANSft00078746 ?For Maxwell3D, if you added new force parameters to a previously
solved design and then attempted to solve more adaptive passes, the software
would give this error: 揊ailed to read convergence information. Possible
reasons: (1) Solver running out of memory; (2) Other solver error.?

ANSft00081852 & ANSft00081910 ?(Similar to 78746) In Maxwell 3D, if you had
previously solved some adaptive passes, then added a mesh operation and
attempted to solve more adaptive passes (without first applying mesh operations
or reverting to the initial mesh) you would get the error: 揊ailed to read
convergence information. Possible reasons: (1) Solver running out of memory; (2)
Other solver error.?

ANSft00078814 ?When doing parametric sweeps of transient solution types, the
option to 慍opy geometrically equivalent meshes?was not working.

ANSft00080454 ?For very large 3D eddy current models solved on 32-bit machines,
the solution could fail to converge when the solver went off-core.

ANSft00082051 ?In Maxwell3D, magnetization was not correct when using a
relative coordinate system (the conversion from global to local CS was done

ANSft00080347 ?For Maxwell3D electrostatic designs, in the field post-processor
the quantity  urface charge density?was incorrect.

ANSft00080927 ?In Maxwell3D抯 field postprocessor, integrating area on a face
list could give incorrect results.

ANSft00083040 ?When post processing some electric transient solutions you would
not see the expected phase shift between voltage and current.

RMxprt bug fixes in 12.1 (partial list)

ANSft00079174 ?Parametric sweeps of RMxprt designs got progressively slower.

ANSft00080627 ?When auto-generating Maxwell2D designs from an RMxprt design,
RMxprt will now generate a different name for the permanent magnet materials
depending on the magnetization type (radial or parallel). This is to avoid a
potential conflict if you generated multiple Maxwell2D designs in the same

ANSft00080384 For RMxprt  3-Phase Synchronous Generator you could not change
the operating temperature by right-clicking on the solution setup and selecting
properties. (You could change the value if you double-clicked on the solution
setup to launch the properties dialog.)



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