Keysight SystemVue 2018


Keysight SystemVue 2018 SystemVue 2018 Release Notes Release Highlights: W1461 SystemVue Core Platform Search Tools New Workspace Search tool allows users to search for objects, parts, parameters, variables, and text in workspaces. New Example Explorer is provided under Help menu to explore examples and search for a keyword among examples. You can right-click on any part on a schematic or in the Part Selector and select Find Examples... to open the Example Explorer with the model(s) of the part pre-populated in the search field. Part Selector now supports searching models across all libraries. Just select in Current Library and use Filter By to search a keyword. Data Flow Analysis Data Flow schematics can now annotate sample rate and characterization frequency for each node of the top-level design. For more details see Sample Rate and Characterization Frequency Annotation. Data Flow simulation status dialog now shows the completion percentage status for each sink. Data Flow Analysis dialog has been updated to clearly specify the Predefined Workspace Variables (Start_Time, Stop_Time, Sample_Rate, Num_Samples, Time_Spacing, Freq_Resolution) set by the Data Flow Analysis. Algorithm Design Library The EVM_Cx, EVM_Env, DigitalDemodCx, DigitalDemodEnv models now support the following modulation formats: User Defined, 16-APSK, 32-APSK, Custom APSK. They also provide SNR measurement in the dataset. Instrument Link SignalDownloader_M8195 now supports Dual Channel with Markers output. ReadSignalStudioFile now supports Signal Studio pre-5G (N7630C) through floating license. Use Keysight Floating License Manager to set up or access floating licenses. Matlab Script postinfo function is provided to display a message as information in the Error window. Full version of MATLAB R2018a is recommended. Some functionality may not be available under certain circumstances using MATLAB R2017b. Usability Added new Tools > Options > Font settings for Graphs, Schematics, Tables, and Datasets. Support "Open Containing Folder" when you right-click the workspace in the workspace tree. SystemVue workspace format has been updated to be version-control-friendly. Multiselect on the workspace tree is now supported Defaults sizes in the Tune window have been adjusted to make values easier to tune and read. Graph The minimum autoscale level for logarithmic units (dB, dBV, dBm, etc.) for the y-axes (Y-Axis and Right Y-Axis) was changed from -400 to -200. As a result, if you have a spectrum plot with content below -200 dBm (e.g. -300 dBm), autoscaling the graph will set the Y-axis lower limit to -200 and any content below it will not be visible in the graph. You can manually set the Y-Axis range by double-clicking on the graph, selecting the Y-Axis tab, clearing the Auto-Scale checkbox, and entering the desired values in the Min and Max fields. This is a global setting that can be changed by going to Tools > Options > Graph tab and updating the Autoscale Minimum for dB units value. This setting takes effect immediately (no need to exit SystemVue and restart). Resolved Issues Resolved installer issue to properly install .NET 4.6 when an earlier version of .NET 4 exists. Resolved stability issue when invoking VSA 2018 Beta versions from SystemVue. Fixed issues with setdisplayunit function; it will now work for power spectral density units dBm/Hz, dBm/MHz, dBW/Hz, and dBW/MHz.


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