Agilent GoldenGate 2015


Improvements In Design Verification GoldenGate in ADS Access to GoldenGate from an ADS schematic and expands ADS “schematic control block” use model to a complete RFIC cockpit. Capacity and performance benefits of the GoldenGate software in ADS, when using interoperable PDKs. ADS RFIC Cockpit: Import simulation states from ADE or set up simulations directly. Design and simulate on both Linux and Windows. GoldenGate in ADS can be used in DC, AC, SP, TR, HB, ET, SSNA, IP, LSSP, and GC Analyses. The IP, LSSP, and GC Analyses are in beta state for this release. For details, see GoldenGate and ADS Integration . Verification Test Bench (VTB): The VTB file format has changed. This change does NOT affect the existing VTBs. It only affects the edited/modified VTBs. An automatic migration tool does not exist for this conversion, therefore it needs to be done manually. In order to update the design, you may need to open the VTB in SystemVue (window) and re-save it. The 'converted' file will NOT be compatible with the previous version. ET Analysis Fast Envelope Level 3 support for envelope tracking modulation applications. Improved efficiency of Envelope Transient (ET) Noise analysis. Faster crystal oscillator startup performance. X-parameter simulation and data file improvements Improved multi-threading and refactoring for Harmonic Balance Noise. Oscillator Analysis performance improvement. Improved UI Fixed the Description field in the ADE Save/Load State dialog box. Additional Support For Models NXP Semiconductors SimKit models, version 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3. BSIM 4.7 HICUM 2.32 HICUM 2.33 HiSIM HV 2.0, 2.01, 2.1 MOSVAR 1.2 gmdif format in adsLib XnP components Keysight EEsof Licensing and GoldenGate GoldenGate requires: a) version 2014.07 of the EEsof EDA licensing software, b) version 3.2 codewords to run, and c) the licensing server software, lmgrd and agileesofd, to be upgraded to at least the same versions as what are included in EEsof EDA Licensing software 2014.07. GoldenGate will not start if any of these requirements is not met. Refer to the License Codeword Version Compatibility Table. In the EEsof EDA License Tools version 2014.01, licensing vendor daemon ( agileesofd ) is upgraded to sync up with FlexNet FNP version of FLEX license manager ( lmgrd ). GoldenGate installer for the Windows platform will automatically set up these two new license server daemons by default for the local node-locked license users; for Linux, you need to follow the Linux/Solaris Licensing Setup instruction to complete the licensing configuration process. For more details, refer to Licensing (For Administrators) . Licenses supported in previous releases are no longer supported. For more information refer to Licensing .


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