Agilent Genesys 2012.01


Genesys 2012.01 was developed based on extensive user feedback from the longest early access program involving the largest number of users ever. The result is a robust, full-featured RF/Microwave board design tool with new useful features, but still retaining its ease-of-use and low price that loyal customers love. Genesys now includes: New RF system architecture capabilities with new sweep plot to easily identify spurious across the full frequency band in swept analysis of multistage conversion systems Enhanced Momentum GXF planar electromagnetic simulator with quadrangle mesher and layout processor to efficiently mesh any arbitrary layout into the smallest problem for fast, accurate, high-capacity solution One click link to Agilent EMPro for immediate full 3D-electromagnetic simulation without the hassle of recreating geometries and reassigning ports and materials Enhanced, interactive 3D viewer with animated contour plots of Momentum GXF electromagnetic solutions Passivity enforcement of S-parameters in all passive components to enhance convergence in EM, linear, harmonic-balance and transient circuit simulations Statistical simulation improvement with new Monte Carlo output to spreadsheet for additional data analysis and manipulation Improved reliability and robustness with configurable auto-save of design workspaces to prevent lost work Easier Licensing with new license installation wizard and integrated Testlink licensing in all current W13xxBP/BT Genesys bundles New USB Security dongle support for 64 bit OS and dongle stacking to enable the optimal use of computing resources for efficient and economical deployment of Genesys to multi-users 30 new tutorial videos enables you to learn and start using all the features of Genesys without the need to read thick manuals Easier Help system with better search capabilities Agilent Genesys is the lowest cost RF/Microwave Board design tool with the widest coverage of circuit synthesis applications in the industry.


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