Agilent 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer 15


The Agilent 89600 VSA software is a window into what’s happening inside complex wireless devices. These software tools provide views of virtually every facet of a problem, helping you see the “why?” behind signal interactions. Test today’s signals and be ready for tomorrow’s with support for over 75 standards and modulation types See the “Why?” with advanced troubleshooting tools including high-resolution FFT-based spectrum measurements, time-domain tools, and bit-level modulation analysis View virtually every facet of complex signals—simultaneously—with unique multiple trace/marker capability Apply vector signal analysis virtually anywhere in your block diagram, including analog and digital baseband; IF, RF and microwave; narrowband to ultra-wideband; SISO and MIMO The industry's first multi-measurement capability gives users a way to create, execute, and display many measurements at the same time


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