Agilent IC-CAP 2006 Win


About IC-CAP IC-CAP (integrated circuit characterization and analysis program) is device modeling software that provides powerful characterization and analysis capabilities for today’s semiconduc- tor modeling. IC-CAP offers device engineers and designers a state- of-the-art modeling tool that fills numerous modeling needs, includ- ing instrument control, data acquisi- tion, parameter extraction, graphical analysis, simulation, optimization, and statistical analysis. All of these capabilities are combined in a flexible, automated, and intuitive software environment for efficient and accurate extraction of active devices and circuit model param- eters. IC-CAP provides the power to build model libraries for Advanced Design System (ADS) or other com- mercial simulators. Features at a glance • complete automated hardware and • efficient, open and flexible software software integration environment and extraction • fast links to ADS simulators methodologies • unique boundary models for realistic • DC to RF extraction routines for worst-case modeling state-of-the-art industry standard models • worldwide training and support • unique nonlinear high-frequency Agilent Root models • easy-to-use windows-style user interface • powerful data handling capability • open interface to a variety of instruments and simulators


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