Agilent SystemVue 2010.01


SystemVue is a focused EDA environment for electronic system-level (ESL) design that allows system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of next-generation wireless and aerospace/defense communications systems. It provides unique value to RF, DSP and FPGA/ASIC implementers who rely on signal processing to deliver the full value of their hardware platforms. SystemVue replaces general-purpose analog, digital and math environments by offering a dedicated platform for ESL design and signal processing realization. SystemVue “speaks RF,” cuts PHY development and verification time in half, and connects to your mainstream EDA flow. Key benefits • Best-in-class RF fidelity among today’s baseband/PHY environments, which allows baseband designers to virtualize the RF and eliminate excess margin • Superior integration with test accelerates real-world maturity and streamlines your model-based design flow, from architecture to verification • World-class reference IP puts Agilent instrument-grade interoperability and Layer 1 compliance inside your block diagram, before you have hardware • Unified, open, polymorphic modeling simplifies tool flow, reduces department costs and supports a customizable, vendor-neutral environment • Priced for networked workgroups to maximize design re-use and capitalize on baseband and RF synergies


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