Valentin Software GeoTSOL 2023 R3


Valentin Software GeoTSOL 2023 R3

Overview of Valentin Software GeoTSOL

This dynamic simulation program is for the professional planning, calculation, and design of geothermal and solar systems. For your location, you can choose between different heat sources (soil, air, and groundwater) and modes of operation (monovalent, monoenergetic, and bivalent).

You can emphasize the integration of solar thermal systems and bivalent systems with the boiler as heat generators. A dynamic minute simulation determines requirements, losses, and consumption.

The electricity consumption, seasonal heat performance factor, and costs are calculated, considering off-periods and tariffs. These parameters evaluate the system's economic efficiency. The heat price and return are shown for the heat pump and comparison systems.

Features of Valentin Software GeoTSOL

  • Simulation of the contribution margin of the heat pump and other heat generators
  • Determination of the annual performance factor according to VDI 4650
  • Databases with heat pumps, collectors, boilers, and storage tanks
  • Tariffs and blocking periods
  • Global climate data available
  • Configurable project report