Simufact Welding v3.1


The central task of Simufact.welding is the examination of welding distortions. Moreover, the analysis of heat affected zones helps the expert to draw conclusions on the properties of welding seams. The practice oriented user interface enables the welding specialist to access most complex simulation technology the easy way. Its modular concept, based on the combination of analytical approaches and non-linear numerical simulation, meets any special user’s demand. Different typical welding solvers are supported by Simufact.welding. Our simulation software includes accurately timed control of several robots quick evaluation of variants by changing process parameters easy modification of welding sequences, speeds, heat input, stop times and fastening devices precise optimization of fusion zones, heat affected zones, tensions and distortions intuitive control and supervision of the process by fabrication-specific user interface Simufact.welding 3.1 enables the simulation of various welding methods. Cutting edge solver technology and a user friendly overall concept allow for an effective calculation of welding sequences and a realistic prediction of component distortion, also taking into account microstructural transformations. The coupling of Simufact.welding with Simufact.forming is a new functionality linking different process chains. Thus, processes taking place before or after welding can be efficiently integrated in the numerical approach. Easy data transfer allows for consideration of the forming history and the strength analyses of the simulated welding seams. The calculation of phase transformation and phase volume fractions, as well as the automatic mapping of weld filler metals complement the new features. Simufact.welding 3.1 provides the user with a simple and comfortable modelling of more complex welding seams, even the simulation of multi-layer welding is now possible. Last but not least, the new release offers an improved calculation of contacts for process related gap formation during the welding process


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